Life is one giant chapter book full of amazing stories. First loves to first kisses. Engagements to exchanging vows. Baby bumps to baby snuggles. Toddler tantrums and endless milestones. All of these chapters in life deserve to be documented, to be shared, to fill the frames throughout your home. Your stories deserve to be told. My goal is to make art out of your beautiful life. The end product will be crisp, light images that freeze moments and emotions in time, tangible moments in the form of a photo that you can hold on to forever.

One, five, ten, fifty years from now – all you will have remaining from this season in your life are your memories, keepsakes, and the photos to go along with them. Candid photos, REAL authentic moments, is what I am all about. Those special moments of emotion and celebration are what I eagerly anticipate as a photographer – it’s my job to be ready for them and make them tangible moments in the form of a photo that you can hold on to forever. 


Classic, relaxed, and real.


hey, you!

I am a wife, mama to two sweet munchkins, and friend to many. And I love a good bottle of red wine. :) If you were a fly on the wall on a weekday night you’d likely see me having DMB dance parties in my living room with my five year old son and two year old daughter, all while nursing a glass of wine and cooking a semi-gourmet dinner. If I am not shooting a wedding or portraits on the weekend - you'd probably see my family and I juggling t-ball and co-ed softball game schedules, going on fishing/hiking/camping adventures, exploring local farmers markets, organizing neighborhood block parties, hosting backyard Dave Matthews Band DVD concerts, and sampling lots of whiskey, beer and wine. With an emphasis on the wine. 

Photography started as a hobby for me nine years ago and over time it has turned into my business. One of my favorite things about my job is the relationships that I am able to create with my clients. I’ve seen people through some pretty incredible milestones – love, marriage, pregnancy/babies, and so much more. Many of my clients have become friends to the point of coffee "life update" dates and exchanging annual holiday cards. I feel fortunate to call my passion for developing relationships and preserving memories my purpose outside the home. 


random things about me

- My husband's name is Trevor. He's loud, lovable, and he makes me laugh everyday.
- We’ve been married since 7-17-2010.
- We have two kiddos: Noah 5 1/2 and Charlie 2 1/2
- We are *HUGE* Dave Matthews Band fans. We've been to 150+ shows between the two of us and have seen him at the Gorge for a combined 26 years. (I win with 16 consecutive years and Trevor follows with 10.) Our first "trip" as a couple was in 2006 to see Dave a month after meeting each other. Trevor proposed at the Wild Horses Monument on the way to see Dave in 2008. We even did the three day weekend when I was pregnant with each of our kiddos. 
- I have two brothers and they are my best friends.
- You'll notice my husband and I have tattooed wedding bands. Apparently his hurt, mine didn't. :)
- I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest but love to travel! 
- I remember the weirdest things about people.
- I am a graduate from the University of Washington's Business Administration program.
- I have a pretty intense love affair with all things wine. (Seriously: give me all the wine.) 
- I love creating beautiful images, but more importantly, I love serving couples on one of the greatest days of their lives!

Photo credits:
Wedding: Kristen honeycutt photo co.
Family: Chelsea Stratso Oahu Photographer