Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Engagement Session // Erin and Tanner // Seattle Engagement Photographer

November 1, 2017

When Erin reached out about photographing an engagement session for her and her fiance Tanner, I instantly knew it was going to be incredible. She had visions of a Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Engagement Session, since Tanner proposed while on his boat on Lake Union and they have a love affair with the sea. PLUS they wanted to bring their one year old Golden Retriever, Kona, with them to the shoot! Give me all the puppies!!!!

Erin and Tanner met in high school up in Alaska. She wasn’t too fond of him at first, but after a while she found herself attracted to him. Soon they were dating, and their story began. Six years later Tanner took Erin out in a skiff on Lake Union and proposed once they were in the middle of the lake, directly in front of Gas Works Park.

I always send a pre-engagement session survey to my couples to get to know them better. One of the questions asks each person to outline what they love about the other. I just about melted into a puddle on the floor when reading what Erin and Tanner had to say about each other!

Erin says…

I love his eyes, they are a very handsome grayish blue. He impresses me each and every day with how hard he works and how smart he is, starting your own business at 21 isn’t easy but he somehow made it look like it was. He can also fix just about any mechanical problem out there which comes in handy:) I love the family that he comes from, they have been my second family since as long as I can remember and they truly raised a great man. I also love how he brings out a more outgoing and extrovert side to me, I tend to be pretty shy and quiet. I love how hard he works to make our relationship work. We have spent over half of our relationship apart (long distance) due to fishing. I think we are fortunate to be one of the few young couples who have grown together through the years instead of grow apart, But most of all I think I love his old soul the most. He is far past his years, but still the same young and carefree boy I fell in love with years ago.

Tanner says…

I love the way she looks at me. How caring and considerate she is to me and my family. How hard working and determined she is. How confident she is. And willing to drop everything for our relationship How she comes fishing with me in the summer.

Together they have a love for water. Erin works as a hostess at a charter fishing company in Canada. Tanner is a commercial fisherman in the summer and also crabs out of Westport in the winter months. They call Seattle home in between their adventures. And they’re getting married on Kauai next summer!!!

I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with these two. They were so incredibly easy going during their engagement session. They wanted sunrise, which was incredible because we basically had both Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens completely to ourselves. There was so much magic during their engagement session, but I think one of my favorite things is how the wind was blowing in Erin’s hair. There are so many times when wind can be a nuisance, but I truly feel like it only added to the emotion and movement in these photos. I don’t know Erin and Tanner well, but their lifestyle and love story tells me that they are likely into feeling wild and free… and the wind definitely helped tell that part of their love story. AND you’ve gotta love a girl who is willing to go barefoot on the beach on a cold October morning! WORTH IT. Kona was super sweet and playful during the entire session… and by the time we were at Golden Gardens she had made a friend and was splashing in the water.

My soul aches a little that by the time they had inquired about an engagement session, they already had made a commitment to a local Hawaiian wedding photographer because Kauai is my JAM and I fell fast in love with these two…. but it’s okay. Their wedding photographer is so lucky to have them and I cannot wait to see their wedding photos!!!

Ok… now on to the photos from Erin and Tanner’s Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Engagement Session!

Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Sunrise Engagement Session Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Sunrise Engagement Session Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Sunrise Engagement Session Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Sunrise Engagement Session Gas Works Park and Golden Gardens Sunrise Engagement Session

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