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December 8, 2017

Catrina found me on Facebook byway of the Seattle Wedding Community group last April. Every once in a while I will engage in the group and comment on posts and share a little bit about me and my business. Catrina sent me a direct message on Facebook inquiring about my availability for her November Rosehill Community Center Wedding in Mukilteo. We were messaging back and forth, attempting to find a mutually agreeable meeting time and also weighing whether we could fit in an engagement session in the following month. Catrina stole my heart when one of her replies read, “Let’s connect on Monday I’m on the other line with Dave Mathews kinda tied up!!” I was dying! She was joking of course, but it really warmed my heart to learn that Catrina had read about me and my business on my website. Relationships are the heart and soul of my business, it’s one of the core reasons I love what I do, and it meant so much to me that Catrina felt the same way.

Soon after our initial contact, Catrina and I spoke on the phone and set a date to meet in person. Side note: if you didn’t already know, I am a work from home mom. My son started Kindergarten this fall, but I still have a three year old little girl keeping me on my toes during the day. When Catrina and I met for the first time, my son hadn’t started Kindergarten yet so I had both kids at home. Catrina was on-board with a kid-friendly meeting so we met at a Panera and I had this big plan to let my kids have treats and screen time to keep them distracted. My plan failed miserably. I attempted my best to keep my two kiddos in line while also answering Catrina’s questions and learning more abut her and Denard. As soon as we finished our meeting, I packed the kids in the car and called my husband. “If Catrina books me after that experience, she’s a saint. The kids were out of control. I lost all control.” My husband laughed and reminded me that Catrina and Denard would be booking ME, not my kids and that my work speaks for itself.

Four days later, Catrina and Denard secured me for my wedding photography services. I was floored. Catrina was able to see past the awful parenting morning I was having, and I was so thankful for that! About a week later we met up in Seattle for their sunset engagement session. During our time together I learned that Catrina is also a mama, hence her patience and understanding during our initial meeting.

Usually I don’t include this much of a backstory about the whole consultation process and my fears/worries/anxiety surrounding occasionally having my kiddos at consults… (because that’s usually not the case!) but this background really helps paint a beautiful picture of who Catrina and Denard are: loving, patient, kind, forgiving. They’ve been doing life together as a team (with lots of success and things worth celebrating!) for over twelve years…. and during a weekly dinner date at their favorite pizza place, Denard proposed with a note inside a pizza box. Laughter and happy tears ensued.

Catrina and Denard were married November 18 at Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo. Some favorites from the wedding include:

  • The focus on family. Catrina and Denard’s children stood by their sides as they tied the knot, with their little girl signing their vanity marriage certificate. One of my favorite moments was during the father/daughter and mother/son dances when the kids joined Catrina and Denard on the dance floor. Witnessing Catrina and Denard incorporate their family into so many important moments throughout the day was absolutely beautiful. (Queue the happy tears!)
  • The toasts! It was so much fun hearing about the relationships with members of their bridal party… hearing stories about Catrina and Esse’s cross country gypsy roadtrip and also hearing about Denard crying when asking Ossie, his best friend of 25 years, to be his best man. My heart also melted when Denard’s beautiful sister made an impromptu toast for her brother. Catrina and Denard have a strong support network of friends and family and seeing them get loved on was so good.
  • The sparkle! If you know Catrina, you know that girl loves BLING. Not only was Catrina sparkling head to toe in her gorgeous wedding gown, jewelry, and heels… but the entire event sparkled! You’ll just have to check out the detail shots from the reception to see what I mean!
  • The baked potato bar at dinner. Baked potatoes. ALLLLL the fixin’s. Need I say more?

Catrina and Denard’s wedding team:

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