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I’ve been looking forward to this Crossroads – Thomas Family Farm Wedding since last winter! Ali contacted me early in her engagement to Jake, and after a whirlwind few days of emails, we were a match made in heaven! Then the waiting began… we had nearly a full year to wait between the time our paths crossed and their January 2020 wedding date at Crossroads – Thomas Family Farm. But I didn’t have to wait for this wedding nearly as long as Ali and Jake. These two high school sweethearts fell in love many years ago, and their story ranks as one of the sweetest I’ve heard:

How did you two meet? Share your proposal story!

High school! This is how Jake wrote it: though Ali and I were high school sweethearts, we humorously started as adversaries in our freshman year. A hard-headed teenage dork, I openly expressed, even going on our high school news program to do so, my doubts of true-love. How silly I was.

In my junior year, while constructing our ‘macho’ volleyball squad, I decided to extend the olive-branch to the cutest volleyball girl I knew, Ali. I expected her to decline my ask of her to be our coach, but with a beautiful, nervous smile she accepted.

After the tournament, our team went out to froyo and I asked Ali if I could buy her yogurt. At the end of the night I sent her a text saying that I hoped that wouldn’t be the end of our communication. She agreed and a few dates and a special first-kiss later my eyes were opened to the realness of love. What a moment.

Ali went off to school after our senior year, yet our relationship stayed strong, with the assistance of a few trips to her school to surprise her with her dogs. After 3 years of dating we moved in together which further cemented our love and loyalty for one another.

On this last Christmas morning at the family’s annual gift-opening, within a pile of decoy boxes laid a few boxes to assist in my taking a knee in our Christmas jammies. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but the love of my life said yes and as of the time of this writing, we are celebrating the fifth (now almost 6th!) year of our one-in-a-million relationship.

Throughout the years I’ve been invited to many of their family’s annual summer trips and shared traditions. I cannot express how excited I am to partake in these for the rest of our lives, building our own beautiful family and sharing these traditions for the next 100 years.

I. CAN’T. EVEN. Ali and Jake are living life proof of the beauty that comes with young love. They’ve endured the hard years of high school, when we’re young and are still figuring out who we are…. they worked endlessly during the college years, when we’re settling into adulthood… and they’ve come back to their roots, each other, and are starting the next big season of life together as husband and wife.

Favorites from Ali and Jake’s Crossroads – Thomas Family Farm Wedding:

  • The venue!!! Crossroads – Thomas Family Farm is a venue I have had the pleasure of working at multiple times over the past few years and I *LOVED* having the opportunity to come back! The owners are constantly upgrading the venue, adding new outside structures and beautiful details. Since my last visit last January, they’ve added another outdoor structure, a gorgeous wall of reclaimed wood to shield wind on a different outdoor structure, new lighting for the dance floor and ceremony space, and even upgraded both the bride and groom getting ready spaces! Also worth noting: Crossroads Weddings is the PERFECT venue for a large wedding any time of the year! They have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Snohomish Valley, and plenty of indoor and outdoor space to accommodate a wedding of nearly any size – even in inclement weather!!!
  • The fashion!!! Ali’s gown fit her like a glove, as if the dress was made for her and only her. Ali found her dream dress at Romashka Bridal and they really knocked it out of the park! Her bridesmaids and junior bridesmaid all wore stunning burgundy dresses that were equally stunning. Jake, his groomsmen and junior groomsman were outfitted at the Bellevue Mens Wearhouse and all looked incredible! Jake wore a full suit with a dapper bowtie that matched the bridesmaid’s dresses, while all of Jake’s attendants wore suit pants with white shirts, suspenders, and matching bowties. Everyone looked so good!
  • The first looks! Yes, more than one! Ali had a first look with her bridesmaids, her dad, and her soon-to-be husband. Each first look was sweeter than the last, and each was filled with the happiest smiles and all the good things. Ali made the most beautiful bride!
  • The speeches!!! Ali and Jake were blessed by toasts made by their nearest and dearest. It was so amazing to witness them be loved on by those that love them most. They were thoughtful and, most importantly, heartfelt.
  • The florals!!! Woods Creek Florals knocked Ali and Jake’s wedding florals out of the park! The color combination and variety was amazing and just what I needed to kick off the 2020 wedding season! All the roses, anemone, ranunculus and all the other pretties in the most gorgeous color palette throughout Ali’s bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnières, the ceremony arbor and the floral wreaths sitting atop wine barrels at the beginning of the ceremony aisle. Drool worthy.

Enough of my blabbing… you’re here to see the PHOTOS from Ali and Jake’s Crossroads – Thomas Family Farm Wedding, but before you get lost in all the gorgeous moments, here’s the vendor team that helped make their wedding dreams come true!

Ali and Jake’s Crossroads – Thomas Family Farm Wedding Vendor Team:

Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Details Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Details Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Details Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Details Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Details Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Getting Ready Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Getting Ready Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Getting Ready Crossroads Weddings - Ali and Jake - Eva Rieb Photography - Getting Ready


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