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There are so many things about Ebie and Daylen’s Crossroads Thomas Family Farm Wedding that I loved: the couple, the FUN wedding party, the proud families… the decor! Everything was spot on. Even with all the decor and Ebie’s incredible attention to detail – the thing that I fell in love with most by the end of the day was the group of people there to witness and celebrate Ebie and Daylen’s marriage. After working with a couple for months and months, it’s so wonderful to meet the people they love most in the world and see my couple get loved on by their family and friends.

Ebie and Daylen met on Tinder and it was love at first swipe! After years of dating and buying and remodeling a home together, Daylen popped the question after a day of recreating their first dates. You can see their Mukilteo Picnic Point engagement session HERE and read more about how Daylen even saved Ebie’s life on their third date!

Full disclosure – I went to high school with Daylen! We weren’t in the same social group, but friendly enough to be ‘friends’ on facebook. When I saw that Daylen was newly engaged I secretly hoped that I would have the opportunity to talk to him and his fiance about their wedding and photographer plans. Thankfully, Ebie reached out to me before I took the leap!

Favorite things from Ebie and Daylen’s wedding:

  • The people. Ebie and Daylen had a big wedding party and it was full of so many wonderful people from different seasons of their lives. Many of the groomsmen were people that Daylen and I grew up with and it was so fun seeing them (and meeting their spouses) after all these years. Ebie’s bridesmaids were made up of family and girlfriends from school and sorority life. It was clear from the beginning that this is a tight group of friends.
  • The toasts. I’m a sucker for wedding toasts and this is usually one part of the day where you’ll catch me crying behind my camera. One of the most memorable toasts from Ebie and Daylen’s wedding was made by one of Daylen’s Best Men. He recalled a trip that he, his wife, Ebie and Daylen had gone on together. Daylen had fashioned a ring for Ebie out of those wax covered rope toys that kids often play with. Knowing that Ebie and Daylen were a “for sure” thing, he and his wife had saved the ring and presented it to Ebie and Daylen at the end of the toast. I’m pretty sure nearly everyone had tears in their eyes. (I’ve included a few photos of this moment in this post.)
  • The camaraderie. It’s not often you get a room full of Huskies and Cougars together and see them set their college allegiance on the back burner over mutual love for friends. There were plenty of Coug/Dawg moments throughout the evening, especially during toasts, but the best was the limbo competition after the dance floor opened up. I am now officially a firm believer that the limbo should be done at EVERY wedding.
  • The attire. This wedding party looked SHARP. Daylen’s suit was custom crafted for him while on a recent trip to Thailand. Ebie’s gown was FLAWLESS and all her ladies wore mismatched gowns. One of my favorite parts (that screamed winter wedding) were the pashmina’s Ebie and her bridesmaids wore. Not only did they make a fantastic keepsake from the wedding day, but they also kept the ladies warm during portraits!
  • The details. Ebie and her mama labored for months crafting the most beautiful wedding day. The florals (arranged by family), the tablescapes, the signage… everything was so tastefully executed with timeless elegance.
  • Three words: LATE NIGHT SNACK. Ebie and Daylen spoiled everyone with Dick’s cheeseburgers for a late night snack! Nothing like Dick’s to soak up some of that alcohol! Favorite part about the late night snack? Someone (who’s basically genius) had the bright idea to keep the burgers warm by the outdoor fire pit. Photo evidence below.
  • The venue. This is the second wedding I have photographed at Crossroads and the space has only gotten more beautiful in the last four months! The team at Thomas Family Farm erected a beautiful, rustic outdoor structure with cafe lights, fire pits, and heat lamps. This structure made it possible to do all of our portraits outside, even while it was raining! Crossroads also installed a beautiful back-bar to hold wine bottles and glasses. All of the improvements around the venue are so beautiful and I’m certain all the couples selecting Thomas Family Farm as their wedding venue are thrilled.



Ebie and Daylen’s Crossroads Thomas Family Farm Vendor Team:

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