Elopement at a Private Residence in Snohomish // Megan and Daniel // Snohomish Wedding Photography by Eva Rieb Photography

Megan and Daniel – one of my 2020 couples turned 2021 couples. We first met over coffee in December 2019, before the whole world shifted. Megan and Daniel were planning a beautiful, large wedding at Olympic View Estates for July 2020. We were fast friends with a shared interest in photography and love for little details.

Then 2020 and domino-effect of life changing shutdowns happened. Megan and Daniel were amongst the first of my 2020 couples to decide to postpone their wedding day. In April 2020 we worked together to find a new wedding date for July 2021.

Once 2021 arrived, it became apparent that the beautiful, large wedding at Olympic View Estates might need to be pushed out once again for the safety of their loved ones. So in February 2021, Megan and Daniel selected another wedding date for 2022 but this time they added a twist: after delaying their wedding one year already, they decided to move forward with an elopement in 2021. The commitment to their marriage was the central focus throughout the planning, re-planning, and re-planning process.

So many couples have postponed their marriages and wedding celebrations. I was so delighted to hear that Megan and Daniel chose to move forward with their marriage in 2021 and still celebrate with a big reception in 2022.

Even with all of the struggles and heartbreak of dual postponements, I feel like Megan and Daniel ended up being the biggest winners of the year. They had a beautiful intimate elopement with their immediate families on a close friend’s property. Both Megan and Daniel were able to experience things that they hadn’t initially planned for their big wedding at Olympic View Estates: they didn’t have a first look, they didn’t have a wedding party, they didn’t have a first dance. But they did have the luxury of experiencing lots of other very meaningful things.

Megan and Daniel’s elopement was beautiful and simple – filled with prayers over their marriage and handwritten vows. They prayed over their first meal together. They cut their wedding cake. They chatted with family across the lawn from one another and shared stolen, heart-eye filled glances. The simplicity in the day was perfection. They have a whole year to enjoy newlywed bliss and then they get to celebrate with everyone they love next summer with the first look and the wedding party and the first dance and all the things that come along with a big, beautiful wedding reception.

Megan and Daniel have been blessed with the opportunity to share two beautiful relationship milestone dates: the date of their marriage and the date of their wedding celebration. Both with different traditions, different memories, different participants…. yet both overflowing with the same amount of love.

Megan and Daniel: THANK YOU. Thank you for being such great communicators. Thank you for your attention to detail. Thank you for giving me grace with my response times as I navigated the new role of being a teacher to my children; and then once again giving me grace as we sold our family home and purchased a new home. Thank you for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. You’ve been a delight to work with these past (almost) two years… and the best part (outside of your marriage!) is that our journey working together isn’t over! :) Cannot wait to celebrate your marriage and one year wedding anniversary with everyone you love in July 2022!!!

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