Kate and Trevor // University of Puget Sound, Ruston Way, and Downtown Tacoma Engagement Session // Eva Rieb Photography – Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Kate and Trevor: They met at the University of Puget Sound (they both lived in the Seward dorms freshman year) and they’ve been together just over six years. Their first date was to see Xanadu at Village Theater. (During the intermission they shared a creme brûlée and it is still their go to dessert that they share on dates!)

Another super sweet part of their love story? Kate and Trevor proposed to each other!!! Their proposal story, as told by Kate:

It was the 11th of July, and we were visiting Maui with my bff and her fiancé . We spent the afternoon looking for a good place to propose to each other and ending up doing it in front of my great grandpa’s house on the beach. We were both really nervous and weren’t paying much attention to what was going on around us. I was wearing a long chain with his ring hidden in my shirt. I was hiding it in my swimsuit and I just went for it. He proposed to me afterwards and I started crying because love and then a giant ash (which I thought was a bug and immediately started having a full body freak out) landed on my forehead and then we realized the island was burning! Somebody set a fire in the dry grass and sugarcane and it burned 10,000 acres in two and a half days. My bff freaked out because we got engaged and then freaked out because holy sh*t the island is on fire, get inside!! We had to stay indoors and while we did the smoke came over us like the movie “The Mist” and it was more cool than scary. Ash filled the pool, and covered everything with soot and little charred pieces of grass. Poor grass. Nobody got hurt! So it turned out ok. Also Oprah opened her private freeway (?!!!) so other people in North Kihei had a safe route out of the danger zone. It was a surprise adventure. I wouldn’t want to go on an adventure with anybody else.

Their favorite things to do together as a couple:

We love to eat. Trevor is my favorite person to go out to eat with because he treats every steak with reverence and loves every bite. And he makes me little bites to try while going on about how good it is. Simple stuff, simple pleasures. Whiskey. Going to the grocery store. Taking Gimli for a walk. Sometimes one of us is grumpy, and so it not as fun, but generally we enjoy each others company. It doesn’t matter if it’s watching a movie or watching an elephant tear down a tree in South Africa. Or seeing a Hawaiian sunset tinted red with an atmosphere filled with brush smoke. Adventures and food. And snuggling the dog. Oh and music! All the music!

We met at University of Puget Sound’s Seward dorms to start their engagement session where their love story started six years ago. From there we walked around campus and then drove down to Ruston Way to take advantage of the final minutes before sunset. Right before sunset we jetted over to the Museum of Glass and were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sunset in the reflection of the overpass glass art installation.


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