Laura and Tom // Downtown Seattle Engagement Session // Eva Rieb Photography Seattle Wedding Photographer

Laura is family to me. Quite literally, actually. (Although, by the end of the wedding planning process, all of my clients feel like family. Laura is my cousin’s daughter, but we are so close in age we’ve always felt like cousins.

This girl is the sweetest. She’s smart, intelligent, beautiful… growing up family used to always say we looked like each other. (Fitting, especially seeing as we’re family!) Laura and I grew up together, were pregnant at the same time with our sons, our lives have so many parallels.

When Tom proposed to Laura and she reached out about photographing their wedding, I was overwhelmed about the idea of photographing such a close family member’s wedding. Weddings are ALREADY emotional, so wrapping my head around this level of relationship was overwhelming (in a GOOD way!). I was excited and hopeful that Tom and I would hit it off and that I would have the honor of being their chosen photographer.

We had breakfast together and conversation happened so naturally. It felt so good. I wanted to be their person, and was so happy when they told me they wanted me to be theirs.

A little about Tom and Laura’s love story before I share the photos…because it helps explain our location choices for their recent engagement session in the COVID-19 empty streets of some of Seattle’s most cherished landmarks.

How they met, according to Laura:

We met through our mutual friend, David. Tom was at a Seahawks game with David and I picked them up in downtown Seattle (outside of Cowgirls of all places!) to take them home. A couple months later, David reached out to me and was trying to play matchmaker; he said that Tom and I should go out. We’ve been dating for about 3 years.

Their proposal story:

Tom and I, along with our friends Kyle and Mariena, had a day planned in downtown Seattle. We needed to get a Christmas gift for his dad at Pike Place Market, and we were all going to watch the Seahawks game somewhere after that. While planning the day, I jokingly told Mariena she could only come with us if she went on the Great Wheel because I love it and I also know she hates it – she surprisingly agreed. We got to Seattle and walked down to the Great Wheel so we could “get it out of the way.” Tom purchased VIP tickets; we got to go in the gondola with the glass floor, got free drinks, pictures, and T-shirt’s – go big or go home! We got into the gondola and I hooked my phone up to the speakers so we could play music. Mariena and Kyle took a picture of us with the Seattle skyline in the background while we were on our way to the top. At one point, the music stopped so I was putting on another song. Mid-music change, Tom got down on one knee in this tiny, cramped gondola, held my ring out in front of us and said “will you marry me?” Obviously I said YES!!

Laura and Tom are getting married this November at Machias Meadows in Snohomish. Their wedding plans (guest count, etc) may have to change due to COVID, but nevertheless, they’ll come out of 2020 as husband and wife. Now, THE PHOTOS!!!!


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