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My last wedding of 2019 was out at a newer Snohomish Wedding Guild venue, Machias Meadows, located just outside beautiful historic Snohomish on the banks of the Pilchuck River. This Machias Meadows Wedding was the PERFECT way to round out an amazing year of weddings! Melissa and Dan were actually introduced to me by a past #evariebcouple, Ebie and Daylen. (You can see their Crossroads Thomas Family Farm Wedding HERE!) Melissa was Ebie’s maid of honor, and I was absolutely honored when she reached out to me about wedding photography after her engagement to Dan!

Melissa and Dan’s Machias Meadows Wedding was full of favorites:

  • The venue! All the heart eyes for Machias Meadows!!! Machias Meadows is owned by a husband and wife team with “with hopes of returning the structures to modern day condition while keeping as much of the original designs and materials as possible.” Not only is it a gorgeous historic farm with numerous interesting outbuildings (amazing portrait locations year round!) it is also a working farm! It was drizzling rain all throughout the day on Melissa and Dan’s wedding day, and all of the buildings with large barn doors afforded us the opportunity to take all of their portraits in natural light without anyone getting wet (except us photographers – but no complaints here!). I really hope to have the opportunity to photograph more weddings out at Machias Meadows – the photo ops are endless. They even have gorgeous Highland Cattle (the huge long haired cow with horns) on their property!!! The weather didn’t permit us to take photos with them but you’d better believe my photographer brain was filing away ideas should I ever be back at Machias Meadows. Secondly, the getting ready areas are amazing. The ladies got ready in a gorgeous white historic home that is exclusive for getting ready – this means the rooms were not overly decorated and there wasn’t a ton of furniture everywhere. Less clutter means more opportunity for beautiful, clean photos! So refreshing. The men got ready in the basement of one of the barns – moody lighting, large concrete bars, and all the industrial masculine touches. Absolute heaven for my photographer heart!
  • The officiant!!! Melissa and Dan asked one of their closest friends to officiate their wedding and it was absolute perfection. I think this addition helped them relax for their ceremony – it wasn’t too formal, there was plenty of laughter, and a few unexpected impromptu jokes. This was perfect for Melissa and Dan and I’m sure a high honor for their friend. If you’re not a part of a church or choose not to hire a professional officiant, asking a friend to get ordained online isn’t a terrible idea.
  • The dance floor was ON FIRE. The dance floor was constantly full with people of all ages! It was so fun to see kiddos getting down with the latest and greatest Fortnite dances all the way to Grandma in her wheelchair taking a spin on the dance floor! The guests have a lot to do with this, but the ambiance, music, and host for the evening also plays a MAJOR role. Otto-Matic Mobile Music is SO incredibly good at reading a room and setting the tone with incredible lighting and a perfectly mixed playlist. The guests and Otto-Matic combined made a recipe for a fun night!
  • The beauty. Melissa and her girls had incredible hair and makeup that lasted all day and all night! If you want a bridal look that will survive drizzling rain and a hot dance floor, I highly recommend hiring a professional team to style you and your bridal party. Dollars well spent! Additionally, Melissa’s gown from For The Luv in Snohomish looked as though it was made for her body. She looked like she walked straight out of a bridal magazine. Absolute perfection. Lastly, Melissa and Dan designed and executed simple decor with impact and found ways to repurpose decor from their ceremony straight into their reception. Everything was SO beautiful and timeless.
  • Melissa’s hospitality was out of this world amazing. Melissa went above and beyond to ensure my team felt taken care of. She was so incredibly kind, even offering us snacks and Spindrift in case we were hungry or thirsty. At dinnertime she made sure to ask if we were able to take a break and have a meal. Melissa wasn’t only this way with us, she was this way with every single guest. The ultimate hostess, Melissa was able to dually enjoy her wedding day but also express gratitude and hospitality to each and every guest she chatted with. No bridezilla or diva status with this gem.
  • Pizza and beer! Melissa ordered pizza for the guys to enjoy while getting ready. It arrived about the same time that my team and I arrived, and it was so cute seeing her answer the door at the historic home where the ladies get ready at Machias Meadows to sign for the pizza and direct the delivery guy to the barn where the guys were hanging out. “They’ll be so happy to see you!” were the words she shouted as the delivery guy made his way over there.
  • Seeing past clients and feeling like family. This job is so rewarding in countless ways, I talk about it all the time. This was the second time this wedding season where I had the pleasure of working with couples referred to me by past couples. Seeing past couples as guests and/or wedding party members at wedding this year was SO much fun!!!

How they met:

We met through mutual friends. Melissa went to a bar with her mom when she first turned 21. Dan came to the same bar with a mutual friend. They had all just left a wedding. Dan was dressed in a nice tux. Melissa’s mom (Sherry) elbowed Melissa and said “he is really cute.” Melissa and Dan began talking that night. Melissa’s mom was her wingman! A few days later Dan asked Melissa on a date and this rest is history.

Their proposal story:

We had planed a nice date night. Right before going to get in the car to head to Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue, Dan got down on one knee at their house.

Vendor Team:




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