Picnic Point Sunset Engagement Session // Katy and Kevin // Mukilteo Engagement Photographer

They met in college and then reconnected a few years later when Katy moved back to Seattle. Their first official date was dinner and drinks on the Kirkland waterfront, followed by a walk around town. Fast forward three years and Kevin was popping the question at 5,500 feet in a hot air balloon. I spent last Saturday with Katy and Kevin for their Picnic Point sunset engagement session. IT. WAS. PERFECT. Not only did they come totally prepared (Coordinating outfits! A freshly cleaned engagement ring!), they also came with open minds. They trusted my crazy prompts and played along with all the games I suggested… and the end result is a full gallery with romantic kisses and playful, genuine laughs.

Bonus points? They brought their sweet fur-baby.

What Kevin loves about Katy:

Her sense of humor, we always find things to laugh about. Especially when she laughs so hard that it makes her laugh even more . Her passion, she puts herself all in, whether it’s her work or friends or anything she always is driven. Also with the animals she cares and does so much for them. I love that she lets me be me and doesn’t try to mold me into something else. I also love her smile when she’s truly happy. She has a beautiful look when everything is perfect.

What Katy loves about Kevin:

I love so many things about Kevin. I love how he always knows how to help me feel better. I love how hard he works to provide for us and his level of dedication to his job. I love how he treats the animals that I had before we started dating. He loves them like his own. I love how he supports me and my interests. I love how handsome he is. I love when he kisses my forehead. I love how smart he is and how he is always willing to offer his knowledge to those who need it. I love that I can trust him and how I know he’ll always be there no matter what.

A little bit about how we met: Kevin is a friend of a friend that I met at a birthday party last year. My husband and I had overnight childcare so we had a little afterparty at our house, and come to find out, Kevin lives about 10 minutes from us across the street from our first apartment! I distinctly remember Kevin saying that I would love his girlfriend… fast forward a year and I finally had the chance to meet her and talk about their wedding plans! Kevin was right: I adore his lady. Katy and Kevin are getting married this October and I am so excited or their wedding!

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  1. Anna says:

    Wish you both all the best together! ❤️

  2. Rita L Lovely says:

    The photos are beautiful. You both look so happy. It has been wonderful getting to know you two and I am sure there are many, many years of love and good fortune in your future. Congratulations to the both of you.


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